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Gain visibility on the web

The directory DesRecherches allows any site owner, blog and forum to gain visibility across the web.

By submitting your website in the directory of DesRecherches you are sure to gain visibility on search engines and following website (Google, Yahoo, and Bing ..)!

For aid to gain visibility on the web and also on DesRecherches, here are the actions to follow!

  • How can I improve my visibility on DesRecherches in general?
  • How can I improve my visibility on the web in general?
  • How to Boost my visibility DesRecherches (Type: Via an advertising agency)?
  • How to boost my web visibility (Type: Via an advertising agency)?

How to improve my visibility on DesRecherches in general?

Made listing your website on the directory do not forget to put a unique title, description detailing and unique and also choose the right keywords without abusing it. Then he'll just put the link in the directory profile in your signature so that it is present in your signature in the forum, your signature comments ..

How to improve my visibility in general on the web?

Look through the various free web directory and quality (including DesRecherches-directory) and submit it with your website for each title and a unique description. Also choose your keywords carefully. And feel free to share the directory of your site on social networks about what you are but among your projects by email or private messages.

How to boost my visibility DesRecherches (Type: Via an advertising agency)?

It is currently impossible to pay this way boost visibility DesRecherches, but you can still manually boost your visibility, and those without as spamming users of the site.


  • Submit your website to the directory.
  • Write a description in your signature and put the link in your profile directory in it. (Your signature will present shook in your comments and forum posts)
  • Create topic entirely and specifically dedicated to each of your sites (submitted or not in the directory).
  • Share your directory in the chat footer (available on all pages and updated in real time).

How to boost my web visibility (Type: Via an advertising agency)?

There are several ways that boost visibility through the web (Pub, partenariart, employees, buzz etc. ..). So you will find below all aid to boost your visibility.


  • Google Adwork: Conduct a major advertising campaign for your products, sorts that the user remembers.
  • BingADS: Same thing with Google Adwork.
  • Yellow Pages: Conduct advertising campaign in order to make known your website and your company.
  • Forum and community site: Join forums and community sites and once well integrated feel free to talk about your website and put

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