The Directory Searches The 'DR-Search' 'helps you in SEO!

DesRecherches offers to reference your blog, website, forum and e-commerce website completely free of charge in its directory. There still have some condition that can DesRecherches this help you gain SEO!

Help # 1

As any website owner you are looking for technology that could save you a lot of space in the search engines and search directory.

You will find in the list below tips and solutions to succeed!

  • SINGLE TITLE: The title you have to put your plug must be unique and must bring this closer to your business and your website.
  • UNIQUE DESCRIPTIONS: Wherever did you have already submitted your website, you need each time he put a unique descriptions, real and encouraging. And those so motivated bots of search engines to trace your website in search results and see even encourage the most cautious users to enter your universe (your website ..).
  • TAGS IN SENSE: The tags are used to prevent search engines and users of the category of your site and potential services sold or promoted through it. The major search engines do not take into account (Google and Bing ..), but other search engines (they are also minority ..) can still be considered.


  • All this information will allow bots to help search engines understand your website, as well as the activity they carried and the services it offers. But also helps many users who do not lost the habit of going through the directories to find sites that people thought would find somewhere on the modern web.

Help No. 2

In your directory profile users will be looking for information about the site they link under the eyes. But that's not all, if they can be convaicus your site and that it is necessary that their their faudras continue reading your cards. And it is at this level that this part'll help you!

To be compléte, your directory must included:


  • A reference website descriptions; It should be unique and should certainly not be applied to other websites, search engines or directory..
  • Explanation of the activities and services; Do not be shy and do not go to have the back of the spoon, go ahead concretely. Explain in detail the activities proposed by your website one after the other if necessary .. and the service you render, sell, offer etc .. on it.

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