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    Many of you want and have to ask, well now it's allowed! You're probably wondering what I'm talking about? Although it's just as simple as that, comments are now free editions. Comments shake now placed online directly after you have submitted the result and the moderators will moderate the care of! So everyone can participate in conversations!

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    As part of our research Partnership and Collaboration provides us with blog and forums to create topics and articles about DesRecherches, and so we also create an article about them. The links that shook put in the article will lead directly to the pages of partner-collaborators concerned!

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    Good evening everyone!

    DesRecherches is now seeking collaborators to fund these services and offer better services than those currently proposed!

    I just talk to you is to deposit the advertising banners or text ads on any site location (Price set in the late trading ..)! Do not hesitate to contact to us that have discussed!

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    You've probably noticed bottom of the page above the chat. It is no longer DR Web Group which publishes the site but CouchiMedia Group, it is not a change of hands but only the change of name of the site on which I gather some of my web activities. I suggest you go for a walk and leave a little comment or messages in the guestbook. (Link here)

    Since 08/10/2015 is edited by!

    The services I provide on DesRecherches InChanger rest, you can still (looking for information via search engines, chat with other people on chat, ask questions in the forum to reference your site, blog and forum on Directory and much more)!

    But underneath all you can continue to give me your opinion so I can evolve to better DesRecherches and improve these services.


    Your Admin!

  • Just full of news for you!

    Good morning (or evening) everyone ..

    How are you? I am writing this letter to inform you that the site going to change the head. Yes they'll change the head, you have to move eh!

    For starters there'll be plenty of new (homepage improve, improve search engine, possibility of knowing funs things and so on ..)! it'll soon be:

    To start this gonna disappear .. A home page cline: No topic through and mix it (THE NEW -> gonna disappear .. | All that is below'll also disappear .. Excepter the category the directory and search engine to search the site .. | The Tips section also going to disappear .. | The thumbnail images belonging to the directory in which I (or is supposed to) be referenced will be lowered just above the chat .. The directory, forum, the results of your research and other pages will be redesigned sorts that they are better taken into account by search engines and devices via which you enter the site.

    To continue, what'll appear and / or to improve .. Homepage reviewed and redone: Small top pages .. presentations Subscriptions search engine integrated into the site followed by the category of the directory (with buttons Submissions site ..). You can also look for the information they need you via the new search engine that'll be available to you and let you stay on! Below you will find the latest file comments on the site and the last message Upload in the Forum .. In the bottom of the site you will find any quality directories in which we reference, and just below you will find the chat to him will not change places! [For the curious directory, we submit our site in directories and waiting 4 months with removing the link of the so-called directory - His should largely be good or refused to accept a site no]! You can also read the time polls to time in chat or in the right column of the site.

  • Articles Series No. 4 - Download Music, Movies ..

    Good evening everyone ..

    Want to download a maximum of videos, films and music legally feel free to watch these sites certainly are paying but three quarters of the sites are!

    • | Cinemas On Demand | Pay for a max of videos watched!
    • | FILMO TV | The best videos just for you, nothing here!
    • | Download Movies | The best of discussing about legal downloading, and those for all users!
    • | Offer Legal | Discover the top of the best legal offers on the web French!
    • | Netflix | Well then € 7.99 per month and 1 month free her you're my friend (s) ?!
    • | VideoFutur | 1 free month and 10 € per month .. Make it fun as much as you like!
    • | Imineo | Top of streaming videos and downloading!

    Now you know a lot of free and paid site to practice free downloading of music and film, but also to watch and listen! What do you think! Post comments and discuss have your hand!

  • Series Item # 3 - Optimize your SEO web!

    If you're on this article is that you are looking for a way to get your site online as quickly as possible? Although I believe to have the solutions, but you should know that above all, to reference the online site is not that (Being present in Google Bing .. .. .. Yandex DesRecherches .. And consort) c 'also publish quality contained and independent of other sites, blog or other online forum! So do not hesitate to create articles with tips about the activity your site is about or see even propose partnerships with other sites in the same theme as you (They put their banners in your website and aims versa ..) and bring you their visitors and they bring you visitors. Obviously social networks such as (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Twitter, Tumblr and consort ..) can help boost the number of visits your site!

    You can also submit your website in the directory so that reference your site and participate in due to the increases your number of visits, the increase in the search engines and more! SMALL IN COUNCIL DIRECTORY: If you want to submit your site in directories you need at all costs to put a little change .. Official Title For descriptions must describe your website, its business, for who she is, why have create, which is what little use, and finally to complete a short sentence to convince the user to go over and have a look! For the "Keywords" are very few search engine uses keywords, but I guarantee you they just always used to some things. For although these search engines is small they still use keywords to certain things (Bing DesRecherches .. .. .. Qwant Yandex, to confirm .. Seek and consort)!

    That's been the board today for better view and gain visitors in the web! For questions, suggestions, or feel free to login and place them in the comments or contact us directly via the contact form!

  • Series of Articles No. 2 - Music on demand

    Welcome on items # 2 of the series!

    I hope the first you most? Because now we'll go to something else. We turn now to the Music on demand so as video on demand but this is music that is ask!

    I created a few days there as a special category in the directory of the site or reference I made ​​a lot of such service (obviously legal). You will find in it all sorts of little go its website MusicMe, Deezer Starzik and other services that you do not know but surely that will surely interest you! Because the more days will pass more as there will be site (as well as other category of the directory).

    So go visit the directory and give us your opinion about the site and their services (do not forget that you must be signed in to see his commentary accept)..

    The phone in questions.

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