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  • Smithd137

    1 Smithd137 On 18/05/2016

    The data are part of an autumn of just about 16 targets in Lib Dem provide because of the 2010 commander ... Continue reading

Rebirth of DesRecherche.Test!

By On 26/11/2022 is in the relaunch phase!

More details in the article.

Last blog post! - Official Blog |

Last blog post!

By On 29/05/2018

We have come a long way with each other until today!


But is more than an empty shell and having no more inspiration and being alone in managing the site, I have no other choice but to stop taking care of it !


But do not worry, the site will not be unpublished or delete (in any case, not now!).

Blog Off - Forum : Questions and Answers! |

Forum: Questions and Answers!

By On 19/11/2016, offers you a forum with a 100% Questions and Answers category.

Blog Partners - The partner program is! | Researches

The partnership program is!

By On 12/08/2016 offers a partnership program forward enough for videographers who want to share their creations with a solder community.

The program is as follows:

  • The youtuber puts the link '' '' in the description of each video + Performs videos in which he presents these and activity.
  • In exchange we put their videos in our catalog ( - Accessible only to members). + Creation of a class dedicate their being in the category Sponsorship Forum, or it may share their videos in player version so that the site visitor can find their videos + Display link in partnerships at the bottom of each page + SEO link in the directory + Create a profile or Youtuber can upload as much information as they wish.

The search engine

You want to search for information as such or as it is on the site So look all the information you want using our internal search engine!

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